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About SeaCell


under the sea view of sea algae

Vitamin Sea

At Wellbe, our motto is a simple trifecta: live better, feel better, do better. And these ideals continually inspire us to search across oceans to develop products that center thoughtfulness, mindfulness, and sustainability -- and, thus, our partnership with SeaCell was born.

SeaCell fabrics offer incredibly lush softness, providing maximum comfort to promote wellbeing to benefit both mind and body. Made from renewable resources, SeaCell is a unique, environmentally-sound lyocell fiber derived from Icelandic sea algae, known to fight free radicals with rich nutrients that are friendly to skin. Our use of SeaCell in our sheets and duvet covers means you can dive into a calming pool of breathable comfort -- and completely redefine your beauty sleep.

 image of woman doing yoga by the sea

Wellbe is committed to inspiring you to live your very best life -- and our alliance with SeaCell only serves to further our commitment to your personal wellbeing. So now you can live better, feel better, and do better — while getting your Vitamin Sea.