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Live Better

Products That Make Life Easier

At Wellbe, we place a premium on beauty, simplicity and functionality. That’s why we’ve designed our products with ingredients to help you live better, for a seamless transition between work, home, and play.


Refresh bamboo charcoal towel stack

Refresh Charcoal Towels

These towels are made of cotton and rayon derived from bamboo charcoal. Antimicrobial fibers help prevent microorganisms from growing. The quick drying capabilities and odor blocking charcoal benefits means this towel set will stay fresh longer, and require less frequent laundering. Which means you'll have more time for other things!


Reuseable cotton and bamboo face pads

Reusable Face Pads 

Face pads you don’t have to throw out! The Refresh Reusable Face Pads are made of antimicrobial cotton and rayon derived from bamboo charcoal. These face pads will stay fresh and prevent microorganisms from growing. Quick drying and odor blocking capabilities make these face pads perfect for applying creams, oils, lotions and astringents. Includes 7 pads for each day of the week and a reusable mesh bag for easy laundering.



U-Shaped Duvet Covers

Our skin-friendly duvet covers are not only a dream to sleep under, they make your life easier as well.  The U-shape zipper closure has a wider opening, so inserting your comforter is now a breeze. Struggle less with making your bed, and start your day with ease!



No matter where your journey takes you, Wellbe is there every step of the way to help you live better.


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