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Do Better



Each of Us Can Make a Difference

At Wellbe, we’re all about helping you live better and feel better. And we live our company’s values to “do better” not only through our eco-friendly products, but our corporate culture.

Our commitment to social responsibility inspired us to create our entire line with the health of our planet in mind, encouraging a better life through a cleaner environment.

 comforter and pillows with cotton

Good for You, Good for the Planet

We use sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, rayon derived from bamboo, and textiles made from recycled materials. For example, a line of our decorative pillows are made from 30 or more recycled plastic bottles.

Many of our bedding items are Oeko-Tex certified, which means they’re free of harmful chemicals. And our commitment to the planet galvanized our use of SeaCell™ fabrics, a fiber sourced from sea algae harvested in a gentle process that leaves part of the plant to regenerate.

Photo of Wellbe sustainable and reusable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

In keeping with our promise to the planet, we ensure that our packaging is fully reusable. Our inserts are recyclable, our tote bags can be used for everyday essentials, and ribbons can be repurposed for gift wrapping. In fact, we’ve eliminated all single-use plastics from our packaging.

Giving Back

And we’re proud of the work of our parent company, CHF Industries, and their commitment to giving back. CHF donates to a number of charities working to effect positive change in our communities, including aiding disaster relief through Delivering Good and contributing to the Coalition for the Homeless’s annual Back to School backpack and school supply drive, and working to minimize waste through the Fabscrap fabric recycling program.

And the spirit of giving back is contagious. Many CHF employees take advantage of Employee Volunteer Days, taking a day off work to donate their time to local charities and causes. Among the many volunteer opportunities, employees have participated in food drives for the Isaiah House homeless shelter in East Orange, New Jersey, and cleaned up litter along the East River coastline through the Brooklyn Bridge Park Conservancy.

Additionally, many associates participate each year in the Cycle for Survival to fight rare cancers, as well as in walks to raise money for the Susan G. Komen New England breast cancer foundation.

We’re everywhere.

EVP Joan Karron works to fight Parkinson’s disease by recruiting friends and CHF associates to participate in studies through NYU Langone Health. Another associate sponsors an annual Christmas party for Salvadoran children in need, with many employees contributing toward it.

Others have served as translators for UnLocal, a non-profit organization that provides legal representation, legal consultations, and community education to New York City’s undocumented immigrant communities. And one employee even grew his hair long in order to donate to Children with Hair Loss.

And the list just keeps on growing.

When we say “do better,” we mean it. We believe there is power in each one of us to make a difference.

Because for Wellbe, responsibility to both our planet and to our community is personal.