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Wellness Becomes You

Wellbe calms your senses with products that are skin friendly, breathable, sustainable, and aromatherapeutic. The sun-drenched palettes and soft designs effortlessly soothe your mind and create a sanctuary from a sometimes hectic world. So, you can unwind in your own personal retreat -- and feel better.


feet peaking through skin-friendly duvet cover 


Skin Friendly Bedding 

Redefining beauty sleep with SeaCell™, Wellbe's duvet covers and sheets are the skin friendly answer to a good night’s sleep.  SeaCell™ is a lyocell fiber derived from Icelandic sea algae, known to fight free radicals and containing rich nutrients that are friendly to skin. It's like a spa treatment while you sleep!

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wrapped up in a weighted blanket

Natural Weighted Blanket

For goodness weight, a natural weighted blanket is finally here! Made of organically grown cotton and a natural flax seed fill that is an eco-friendly alternative to glass bead fill. All 12lbs of the Embrace Weighted Blanket will envelop you like a hug. Encouraging relaxation, use this weighted blanket at bedtime, naptime or anytime you’re feeling the need to reset.


decorative pillows with lavender sachet 


Lavender Scented Pillows

Wellbe's pillows are heaven scent, thanks to an inside pocket for an optional lavender sachet. Our lavender is grown in France where they know a thing or two about the power of this herb to encourage relaxation.  Give the pillow a hug and breathe deeply for instant, soothing experience.


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